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"As well as communicating the content of the readings, the philosophy classroom is where I shine a bright light on the cracks in my habits of knowing, such that the class becomes a brighter place for students to see themselves. It is the vulnerable nature of this pedagogy that makes the classroom a place where students can look inwards and apply theories to their own worlds without judgment."

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"What excites me about philosophy is it never stops asking questions. Philosophy is like a child who keeps asking “why?” no matter how many answers you give her. I can relate to that, and I love the way philosophy is comfortable not having a definitive answer or end to the questions. I’m excited to tell my students, we won’t conclusively answer these questions, but we will work on the tools to ask them meaningfully and explore possible answers. And most of all, we will be critical of the given answers."

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"What is glaringly apparent throughout these three brilliant responses from Liron Elder-Ashkenazi, Celia Edell, and Becca Mancari is that the American “one size fits all” work culture simply does not work. This detachment from our pre-pandemic routines coupled with the fear of the unknown has given birth to a radical sense of awareness of our individual needs and wants, completely detached from societal expectations. With all of the death, tragedy, and personal turmoil of 2020, there have been some key moments of personal transformation that are worth further exploring and highlighting for your own self as we move forward into 2021."



“The doctoral student and video creator is helping sow commonsense feminism across the internet …
She covers topics such as feminism, mental health and anxiety, and strives to explore how they intersect. Additionally, Edell is breaking boundaries in the world of academia by pushing the limits of self-expression and appearances in the male-dominated community of philosophy.
In a sea of YouTube videos claiming to be educational or genuine when addressing such heavy topics, Edell’s material stands out as nothing more than what they’re advertised to be: simple, easy to follow, edit-less and from the heart. Between the mix of deep academic knowledge and authentic, personal experience, Edell has created a space online that is insightful, honest and for any and every viewer that stumbles upon it.”



“Activism is usually associated with volume, brass and a mass of people, but a woman changing this concept, from a million man march, to ‘a girl in her room alone with a webcam’, is Celia Edell (23). Modest in her self description, Celia does not meet what is typically thought of as an activist. However, with a degree in philosophy, a natural presence behind a lens and an articulate dialogue, her vlogs are continuing the conversation of social issues between a huge network of people internationally.”



“Celia Edell ... makes accessible educational videos about feminism. Watching her videos is like taking an intro to women’s studies class (in a good way!). She’s discussed dating as a feminist, Nice Guys and struggling with Imposter Syndrome. She has also written for HelloGiggles and now vlogs for Everyday Feminism.”

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“If you’re looking for slightly longer, highly researched, educational videos about intersectional feminism, look no further than Celia Edell’s channel. Celia breaks down complex feminist ideas and makes them easier to understand. Ceedling will leave you more informed and armed with a quick response the next time someone says feminism isn’t important.”

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