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Updated as of December 24 2023


2022-pres        FRQSC Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Philosophy, University of British Columbia
2022-pres        Affiliated Researcher, W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics, UBC

2021                Visiting Researcher, School of Humanities, University of Glasgow



2022                PhD in Philosophy, McGill University
                        Thesis: “Guilt, Blame, and Oppression: A Feminist Philosophy of Scapegoating”
                        Supervisors: Natalie Stoljar, Alia Al-Saji
                        Examiners: Carol Hay (external) and Kristin Voigt (internal)
                        Passed without corrections.

2015                MA with Distinction in Philosophy, University of Sheffield. Supervisor: Jennifer Saul

2013                BA with Honors in Philosophy, Western University


AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION                                                AREAS OF COMPETENCE
Social Philosophy                                                                    Ethics
Applied Ethics                                                                          Political Philosophy
Social Epistemology                                                                Critical Philosophy of Race
Feminist Philosophy



Edited Volumes

(under contract) Feminist Ethics: An Introduction to Fundamental Concepts and Current Issues, with Charlotte Sabourin (eds.). Routledge.

Refereed Journal Articles

2019 “Reciprocal Recognition and Epistemic Virtue”, Ithaque 25, pp.1-21.

Book Chapters

(forthcoming) “White Ignorance and the Racial Imaginary”, in The Philosophy of Imagination: Technology, Art, Ethics. London: Bloomsbury.

(forthcoming) “Practical Dilemmas of Feminist Online Shaming”, Feminist Ethics: An Introduction to Fundamental Concepts and Current Issues, with Charlotte Sabourin (eds.). Routledge.

Public Philosophy

2023 "Witches and ‘Welfare Queens’: The Construction of Women as Threats in the Anti-Abortion Movement", Women in Philosophy Series, Blog of the APA.

2023 "How ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ video game uses goblins to reinforce antisemitic scapegoating", The Conversation.

2022 “Self-Incrimination as Feminist Pedagogy”, Graduate Student Reflection Series, Blog of the APA.

Works in Progress

“Anti-trans legislation as scapegoating”

“Diagnosing ethical distance online”


2023               UBC-Vancouver Public Humanities Hub Public Engagement Award

2021-22          Réseau Québécois en études féministes (RéQEF) Doctoral Excellence Scholarship
2021-22          The Centre for Research in Ethics (CRÉ) Graduate Fellowship
2021               David Fate Norton Fellowship in Philosophy [7000 CAD]
2021               McGill-Glasgow Award
2021               The Centre for Research in Ethics (CRÉ) Special Scholarship
2018               Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Doctoral Scholarship (SSHRC)[105K CAD]
2018               Society for Ricoeur Studies Travel Grant
2014               Canada Postgraduate Merit Scholarship [7000 GBP]
2011-12          Faculty of Arts and Humanities Alumni Award, Western University


2023 Marc Sanders Foundation Mentoring Workshop for Early Career Women Faculty in Philosophy    

2021 Visiting Researcher, COGITO Research Group, University of Glasgow



2023                Journal of Social Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy Quarterly, Philosophical Studies

Conference Organization

2022                Organizer, The Centre for Research in Ethics (CRÉ) International Conference

2019–2021      Director of Graduate Studies, Society for Ricoeur Studies

2019                Organizer, Montreal Workshop in Critical Philosophy of Race


2018-2022       Co-founder and Organizer, Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) McGill

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

2023-2024       VP of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Postdoctoral Association, UBC

2021-2022       Graduate Representative, EDI Community of Practice, Faculty of Arts, McGill

2020-2022       Graduate Representative, Equity and Climate Committee, Philosophy, McGill



2023                Interview, Philoparlons podcast, "A Feminist Philosophy of Scapegoating".

2022                Q&A moderator, Burlington Literary Festival, Feminist Fiction Panel.

2022                Interview, American Philosophical Association.

2020                Interview, The Dandy, “What Have You Gained from 2020?”.

2019                Interview, The Polyester Podcast. Episode: Fighting imposter Syndrome

2019                Interview, Retweet podcast. Episode: “How to be an ally”.

2019                Interview, The Buddle Huddle podcast with the Dean of Students at McGill University.  

2018                Interview, Study Breaks Magazine, “Celia Edell Is YouTube’s Budding Philosopher”.

2017                Interview, Rebelliously Tiny Podcast. Episode: Celia.

2015-2017       Content Creator at Everyday Feminism.


2023 "How Can We Build the Research Future?", Panel Discussion, UBC Postdoc Research Day

2023 “Rethinking Digital Discourse: Feminist Dilemmas in the Era of Online Shaming”, W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics, University of British Columbia.

2023 “Out of the armchair and into the fire: Self-incrimination as feminist pedagogy”, Pedagogies of Discomfort, APA Eastern, Montreal.

2021 “The Cyclical Nature of Structural Scapegoating”, 38th International Social Philosophy Conference, North American Society for Social Philosophy (NASSP).

2019 “Mediation in Measuring the Pure Experience of Pain”, The Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science (CSHPS) annual conference as part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, University of British Columbia.

2019 “Theorizing the Persistence of Oppression: Epistemology of Ignorance”, philoSOPHIA: Society for Continental Feminism, Memorial University.

2019 “Theorizing the Persistence of Oppression: Epistemology of Ignorance”, Graduate Philosophy Student Association 2019 Conference, Concordia University.

2018 “Solitary Confinement Through a Ricoeurian Lens”, the Society for Ricoeur Studies Annual conference, Mount St Mary’s University.

2017 “The Role of Genesis in Claims for Equality and Superiority of Women”, the Department for the Study of Religion Conference, University of Toronto.

2015 “Masculinity and the Internalisation of the Male Gaze”, Centre for the Study of Women and Gender Graduate Conference, The University of Warwick.

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