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Originally from London (Canada), I’m currently living in Vancouver, by way of Sheffield (England) and Montreal. I’ve spent the past decade growing my internet presence and community, making accessible online feminist content, exploring new creative industries, staying on top of pop culture phenomena, while finishing multiple degrees, including a doctorate. 

As an academic, my research focuses on the role of blame in oppression, particularly when it is disguised as righteous or justified. I'm invested in both researching structural oppression and actively fighting it within the institution. During my PhD, I co-founded the McGill chapter of Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) and now I'm the VP of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for the UBC Postdoctoral Association.

Online, I have an incredible community of over ten thousand people in and outside of academia, some of whom have been following me since my first year in undergrad over ten years ago. I go by @ceedling online, although the line between my 'url' and 'irl' lives has lessened as I've started to pursue new philosophical interests in an increasingly online world.


Here I am giving a dvar Torah at my sister's Bat Mitzvah.
A dvar Torah is a speech based on a portion of the Torah (Hebrew Bible). It usually includes a question and a story to provoke thought and offer insight. This practice of analysis and questioning, as well as the act of speaking it in front of an audience, helps explain my love of philosophy and teaching. You can see the joy on my 12-year-old face!

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