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“This week, we speak with vlogger, writer and feminist philosopher Celia Edell about mental health. Our question is about anxiety, and Celia has a lot of great advice, including tips about how to get help and what to do when people tell you to “just get over it.” She tells us a little bit about her personal experiences and how they have shaped her perspectives on mental health. We talk about different coping mechanisms like listening to podcasts or watching Gilmore Girls and Teen Mom, and the power of a good cry. Ambivalently Yours and Celia also share experiences of online hate and criticisms, and strategies for ignoring hateful comments. Finally, towards the end of the episode, Zhi Xi, who you may have met in our episode last week, asks Celia for some advice.”


“WE'RE BACK! And thrilled to be launching season two of The Polyester Podcast with our new producer and co-host Olivia Graham. We're sticking to the same format as season one, and are super excited to welcome two long term Polyester contributors on as our guests this week.
Kicking off with ask an expert, we speak to philosophy PhD candidate and self proclaimed 'lazy feminist vlogger' Celia Edell on how to combat imposter syndrome. From the constant dread that you aren't good enough, to dealing with entering a male-dominated environment such as academia, and dispelling the genius myth; Celia will disclose all she has learned in her years of experience in fighting off the dreaded feeling that you don't belong.”



“In today's episode we discuss allyship, feminism, the white saviour complex, and much more. how can we all be more effective allies in order to ultimately create a better world?
SPECIAL GUEST: celia, ig @ceedling “


“Feelings of self-doubt, and worrying you are a ‘fraud’ in the Academy is more common than you might think! In this episode of the Buddle Huddle, Dean of Students Chris Buddle explores the topic of Imposter Syndrome in a University setting. Through engaging discussions with students, Professors and Administrators, learn about how people come to terms with their own feelings of Imposter Syndrome, and the strategies they use to help overcome (or embrace!) the phenomenon. One common message is the importance of discussing this topic in an open and frank manner. So, tune in!” (SSN 1, EP 8)



“In this episode Celia talks about why herbal tea and yoga aren’t always enough when it comes to managing our mental health. She shares the coping strategies she uses for dealing with her generalized anxiety disorder. She offers advice on what to do if you’re struggling with your mental health and don’t know where to turn. And she talks about how to find your own personal style and use it as a tool for your personal growth and development.”

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